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IBM is one of the largest technology companies in the world, employing hundreds of thousands of people across its various business units. As part of this large organization, IBM also offers exciting and lucrative career opportunities for data scientists. In this article we will discuss the salaries that IBM data scientists can expect to earn.

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What qualifications are needed to become an IBM data scientist?

To become an IBM data scientist, you will typically need a degree in computer science or a related field, as well as experience working with big data technologies and algorithms. Additionally, having a deep understanding of mathematical concepts is advantageous when working as an IBM data scientist.

What is the average salary for an IBM data scientist?

According to Glassdoor, the national average salary for an IBM data scientist is $109,000 per year. Salaries can range from $77,000 - $158,000 depending on experience level and geographic location.

Are there additional benefits associated with being an IBM data scientist?

Yes, in addition to competitive salaries, many benefits are offered to employees working as data scientists at IBM. These benefits include medical insurance coverage and generous vacation policies.

Is ongoing training offered to existing IBM data scientists?

Absolutely! Across the globe, IBMs offer dedicated corporate universities where their own staff members can attend classes and workshops focused on developing new skills related to their work as a data scientist. This helps ensure that employees stay current on all the latest industry trends and topics related to the role.

Are there opportunities for career progression within the company for existing employees?

Yes – many people who start out working as entry-level data scientists at IBM are afforded opportunities for career development over time through increased responsibility or potentially taking on managerial roles overseeing other members of their teams.

Working as a Data Scientist at IBM can be both rewarding and lucrative. Those interested in pursuing careers with the tech giant should understand what qualifications are required and what salaries they should expect while also taking advantage of all of the additional training and career progression opportunities that come along with it.


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