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The GRE and GMAT are two popular entrance exams for graduate school. The GRE is the most commonly used test for admission to graduate programs, while the GMAT is used by business schools. While each exam has its own scoring system, there is a way to convert from one score to the other. This article will explain how to convert your GRE score to a GMAT score.

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What is the conversion formula?

The formula for GRE score conversion to GMAT scores is based on percentiles. It’s important to note that this formula only works for percentile rankings of 40-70 on both tests as anything outside that range does not have an accurate conversion multiplier. To calculate an approximation of your scores, take your GRE Verbal and Quantitative scores and multiply them each by 0.794. This will give you a general estimate of what your GMAT scores would be if you took the test instead.

Are there any factors that can influence accuracy?

Yes, it’s important to remember that this conversion process isn’t exact and can vary depending on several factors such as difficulty levels of the two tests taken, individual background knowledge and experience in taking standardized tests, overall performance on the day of the test, etc. Therefore it's best to use this converted score as an approximate measure rather than an exact representation of potential scores on either exam.

Are there any online resources available with detailed explainations?

Yes, there are several online resources available which offer detailed explanations about neither converting from GRE to GMAT nor more general information related to both exams such as admissions requirements, study tips and practice tests materials . Popular sites include Testmasters and Kaplan Test Prep which both offer comprehensive courses for preparation for either exam or advice about which test you should take altogether depending on your desired field in graduate studies

In conclusion, while there is a conversion formula available which approximates what your GMAT scores would be based on your current GRE scores, it's important not to rely solely on this information when making decisions about which entrance exam you should take or even when planning a strategy for achieving success on either exam day itself. Taking into account other factors mentioned above will help increase accuracy in understanding how well prepared you are for either test or even better gain valuable insights into improving one's skills overall related topics discussed throughout this article.


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