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Full Sail University's Recording Arts program provides an education for students interested in the entertainment industry and audio engineering. The curriculum is tailored to provide students with the best knowledge and skills they will need to break into the audio and music industries.

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3. Full Sail University: Campus and Online Degrees
Full Sail University: Campus and Online DegreesFull Sail University offers associate, bachelor's, and master's degrees on campus and through Full Sail online. Designed for the world of entertainment, ...

6. Music & Recording Degrees - Full Sail University
Music & Recording Degrees - Full Sail UniversityProject LaunchBox™ is unique to Full Sail and included in your tuition, offering all the hardware and software you need. Our Music and Recording degree programs ...

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Brandon Egerton - Education Director of Audio Arts - Full Sail ...2012-2022 - Program Director for Recording Arts Bachelor of Science Program at Full Sail University. • Oversees a team of remarkably talented, highly ...

What courses are part of the recording arts degree?

The Recording Arts degree program is extremely comprehensive and covers topics such as music theory, mixing, sound design and production, digital audio workstations, studio techniques, acoustics, improvisation and composition, instrument repair, artists development, songwriting, music business law and more.

What jobs can I pursue with a recording arts degree?

With a degree in Recording Arts you could pursue various roles within the entertainment industry such as a mixer/recording engineer, audio supervisor/director, producer/remixer or even an artist manager or talent scout.

How long does it take to complete a degree in recording arts?

Depending on which path you choose to follow for your Recording Arts degree completion time can range from 12 months in the accelerated program to two years for the standard track.

What type of student would benefit from taking this course?

This course is tailored for students who want to break into the audio-music industries but also for those who want to deepen their understanding of these fields. It is perfect for aspiring professionals in music production/engineering with career goals such as designing soundtracks for video games or films or live television mixes.

Full Sail University's Recording Arts program is an excellent choice for those interested in learning about various aspects of audio engineering and the entertainment industry. Through its comprehensive curriculum students can gain valuable knowledge and skills that are needed to have successful careers within these fields. From mixers/recording engineers to producers/remixers this program has something that can help anyone looking to break into this field gain valuable experience and insights needed succeed.


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