French Massage

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French massage is a holistic massage therapy technique that incorporates a variety of different techniques to provide a wide range of benefits. It was developed in France during the early 20th century and has been gaining in popularity ever since.

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1. John French Massage Therapy
John French Massage TherapySpecializing in relaxation, pain and injury treatment, and manual lymphatic drainage (MLD). Check out our massage therapy services in Gainesville, Florida.

5. Marci French - Massage Therapist - Home | Facebook
Marci French - Massage Therapist - Home | FacebookMarci French - Massage Therapist. 116 likes. 25+ years of experience offering skilled, artful, therapeutic massage from my home in Cannon Falls, MN.

6. The French massage
The French massageThe French massage one of the types of relaxing (stress relieving) massage, performed by special techniques. This is an effective method for relieving ...

What techniques are used in French massage?

French massage utilizes many different techniques, including Swedish and deep tissue massage, acupressure, percussion massage, effleurage, and rhythmic stretching.

Is French Massage an effective way to relax?

Yes! The combination of the different techniques used in French Massage can be very relaxing and help to reduce stress levels. Additionally, it can improve overall circulation and promote general wellness.

What areas of the body can be targeted with French Massage?

Most areas of the body can be targeted with French Massage, although it is most commonly used on the back neck and shoulders.

How often should I get a French massage?

This will depend on your individual needs and preferences. Generally speaking, having a regular session once or twice per month can help maintain optimal physical health.

Does French Massage come with any side effects?

As with most massage therapies, there may be some minor discomfort during treatment such as slight soreness or stiffness afterwards; however these should subside quickly in most cases.

All in all, french massage provides many potential benefits for individuals looking for relief from pain and tension or for those seeking relaxation and greater overall well being. The combination of varied techniques allows for an individually tailored approach that caters to each person’s unique needs.


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