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2. Euthanize Definition & Meaning |
Euthanize Definition & Meaning | Dictionary.comWhat does euthanize mean? ... Euthanize means to painlessly put a person or animal to death. The decision to euthanize a person is usually made because they have ...

4. Euthanization - definition of Euthanization by The Free Dictionary
Euthanization - definition of Euthanization by The Free DictionaryDefine Euthanization. Euthanization synonyms, Euthanization pronunciation, Euthanization translation, English dictionary definition of Euthanization. n.

10. Euthanize Meaning | Best 5 Definitions of Euthanize
Euthanize is defined as to put to death, generally in order to avoid pain. An example of euthanize is to put a dog to sleep.

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