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An error of commission is any incorrect action or decision made by an individual, business entity, or other organization. This type of error is the result of a conscious and deliberate act – as opposed to an incidental mistake or omission, which would be considered an error of omission. Errors of commission can have significant consequences for those affected by them and often require corrective action to rectify the issue.

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What is an example of an error of commission?

An example of an error of commission could be when someone orders a customer the wrong product from their online store due to incorrect information being put into the system.

How does an error of commission differ from an error of omission?

While both are mistakes, errors of omission are unintentional mistakes such as forgetting something or leaving out details, while errors of commission are intentional mistakes that involve doing something that wasn't supposed to happen in the first place.

Are errors of commission more serious than errors of omission?

Generally speaking, yes – since errors of commission involve actively doing something wrong rather than accidentally missing something out, they can have more severe repercussions than errors omissions.

What types of organizations can commit errors of commission?

Any kind of organization can potentially commit errors in Commission – whether it's individuals, businesses entities or other organizations such as government offices or nonprofit agencies.

Errors in Commission can have serious implications for those affected by them and should be addressed quickly and accurately whenever possible. It's important for all organizations to remain aware that even intentional acts can lead to costly mistakes if not carried out correctly – so it pays to double check everything before taking any action!


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