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1. What does ephemere mean?
What does ephemere mean?Definition of ephemere in the dictionary. Meaning of ephemere. What does ephemere mean? Information and translations of ephemere in the most ...

5. Ephemeral | Definition of Ephemeral by Merriam-Webster
Ephemeral | Definition of Ephemeral by Merriam-WebsterEphemeral definition is - lasting a very short time. How to use ephemeral in a sentence. The Mayfly Helps To Illustrate ephemeral Synonym Discussion of ...

6. ÉPHÉMÈRE : Définition de ÉPHÉMÈRE
A.− [En parlant d'entités concr.] Qui ne vit, qui ne dure qu'un jour. Fleurs, insectes éphémères. La mouche éphémère qui éclôt le matin, et meurt avant le ...

8. What does l'ephemere mean - Definition of l'ephemere - Word finder'ephemere
Word definitions in dictionaries Wikipedia. ... Find the word definition ... L'Éphémère was a French poetry magazine published from 1967 to 1972 in Paris, ...

10. Ephemera - Wikipedia
Ephemera - WikipediaEphemera are any transitory written or printed matters that are not meant to be retained or preserved. The word derives from the Greek ephemeros, meaning ...

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