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Tension is an uncomfortable feeling of inner stress or uneasiness. This can arise when one finds themselves in an unfamiliar situation or feeling overwhelmed by a task. It can also arise in personal relationships, leading to disagreements and conflict. In all cases, tension is an instinctive response to something we don't feel confident about.

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What causes tension?

Tension arises when we find ourselves in stressful situations, such as when we have to perform a task we are not familiar with, when our expectations are not met, or when dealing with other people. It can also be caused by underlying feelings of anxiety or insecurity.

How can I reduce my tension?

Different techniques work for different people but some common techniques include deep breathing exercises, listening to calming music, mindfulness meditation and guided imagery. It can also help to take regular breaks from stressful tasks and try to focus on positive thoughts rather than negative ones.

How does tension manifest itself?

Tension manifests itself physically as well as emotionally; symptoms may include muscle tightness and aches, headaches, rapid breathing and heart rate, sweating and dizziness. Emotionally it can lead to irritability, sadness and fear.

Tension is an instinctive response to uncomfortable situations or challenges and the good news is that there are many strategies that one can use to reduce it. Regular exercise and relaxation techniques such as deep breathing will help you cope better with challenges without feeling overwhelmed.


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