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The English Sex Move is a popular alternative sexual practice. The move involves one partner lying on their back and the other partner kneeling to perform oral sex. This type of sexual activity provides a great way for couples to switch up their routine and explore different methods of pleasure.

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How do you perform the English Sex Move?

To perform the English Sex Move, one partner should lie down on their back while the other kneels over them to perform oral sex.

Is the English Sex Move safe?

As with any form of sexual activity, it is important to check in with your partner about boundaries and ensure that both parties are comfortable before engaging. If done correctly, the English Sex Move can be safe and pleasurable for both partners.

What are some benefits of trying out the English Sex Move?

Trying out new forms of pleasure can help bring excitement into a relationship and spice things up between partners. It also gives couples an opportunity to better explore each other’s bodies and understand what kind of stimulation leads to maximum pleasure.

The English Sex Move is a great way for couples to explore different forms of pleasure together in intimate moments. By understanding boundaries and engaging in open communication, this move offers an exciting opportunity for those seeking variety in their sexual practices.


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