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Drowsy is an adjective used to describe someone who is feeling tired or sleepy and is almost ready for bed. It can refer to physical fatigue or mental boredom. This feeling of drowsiness can affect a person’s ability to concentrate on tasks, causing them to be less productive or alert.

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2. Drowsy Definition & Meaning |
Drowsy Definition & Meaning | Dictionary.comdrowsy · half-asleep; sleepy. · marked by or resulting from sleepiness. · dull; sluggish. · inducing lethargy or sleepiness: drowsy spring weather.

6. Drowsy - definition of drowsy by The Free Dictionary
Drowsy - definition of drowsy by The Free DictionaryDefine drowsy. drowsy synonyms, drowsy pronunciation, drowsy translation, English dictionary definition of drowsy. adj. drows·i·er , drows·i·est 1. Dull with ...

7. drowsy - Dictionary Definition :
drowsy - Dictionary Definition : Vocabulary.comDrowsy means sleepy and having low energy. When you're sitting in the warm sunlight after a big lunch, and you're so drowsy you can't keep your eyes open, ...

What does it mean when you are drowsy?

When someone is drowsy, it means they are feeling tired and ready for bed. This could be from physical fatigue or mental boredom that has caused the person to become less alert and productive in their current task.

Can drowsiness cause accidents?

Yes, due to the lack of concentration and alertness that comes with being drowsy, it can increase the likelihood of accidents occurring while driving or operating heavy machinery.

How do you combat drowsiness?

The best way to combat drowsiness is by getting plenty of restful sleep and avoiding prolonged periods of sitting or standing in one place. Taking short breaks throughout the day and engaging in physical exercise can also help reduce feelings of sleepiness and lethargy during the day.

Drowsiness is a common problem that can have many causes like lack of sleep, poor diet, dehydration, stress etc. Being aware of how one’s environment impacts their energy levels helps prevent drowsiness from setting in and allows people to remain alert and productive throughout their day.


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