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DMACC offers engaging and interactive online classes which can be tailored to enrich the educational experience of all students. These virtual classes offer a high-quality, affordable educational experience to learners from various fields and backgrounds.

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1. Online Learning at DMACC
Online Learning at DMACCTop 10 Most Popular Online Classes at DMACC · SOC 110 - Introduction to Sociology · CRJ 301 - Intro to Homeland Security · MAT 157 - Statistics · PSY 121 - ...

2. DMACC Continuing Education: Courses by Category
Click here for information about future classes. Online Courses. Computers & Information Technology. Computers & Information Technology · Computer Basics expand ...

4. Online Courses from Des Moines Area Community College
Online Courses from Des Moines Area Community CollegeWelcome to DMACC's Non-Credit Online Instruction Center. In partnership with ed2go, we offer a wide range of highly interactive courses that you can take ...

5. DMACC Online Programs Get You to Work!​​
DMACC Online Programs Get You to Work!​​DMACC Online offers flexible class types, FREE online tutoring, accredited education on your schedule​,and possible financial aid and scholarships for ...

6. DMACC Online Business Degree Advances in the National Rankings
DMACC Online Business Degree Advances in the National RankingsFeb 4, 2021 ... ​D​MACC's Business Degree Noted Among “Best in the Nation" for Entrepreneurship. DMACC's online Business Administration AAS Degree moved up ...

What type of courses does DMACC offer?

DMACC provides a wide selection of online courses covering topics such as business, computer science, healthcare, and liberal arts. Most courses are offered at both undergraduate and graduate levels.

How do I participate in an online course?

Students must register for an online class through the DMACC website. Once registered, they will receive access to their instructor’s virtual classroom and materials.

What technology is required to participate in an online course?

In order to access the class materials and complete assignments, students must have access to a reliable internet connection and a supported web browser such as Chrome or Firefox. Other requirements include basic knowledge of computers and software as well as essential hardware such as audio speakers or headphones.

Online classes at DMACC provide students with a unique educational opportunity that can be conveniently taken from home or on-the-go. Through these innovative classes, learners can gain the needed skills for their chosen field while also saving costs associated with traditional classroom learning.


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