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Demented is an adjective describing someone who is mad or insane. It can be used to describe the behaviour of a person, typically caused by a mental health disorder, but it can also be used in more general or abstract circumstances. This entry will provide further insights into what demented means and how it can be used in everyday language.

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3. demented - Dictionary Definition :
demented - Dictionary Definition : Vocabulary.comDemented is an adjective describing behavior that is crazy, unhinged, or insane. Someone is demented when they have gone off the deep end.

4. Dementia Definition & Meaning |
Dementia Definition & Meaning | Dictionary.comDementia definition, severe impairment or loss of intellectual capacity and personality integration, due to the loss of or damage to neurons in the brain.

6. Demented - definition of demented by The Free Dictionary
Demented - definition of demented by The Free DictionaryDefine demented. demented synonyms, demented pronunciation, demented translation, English dictionary definition of demented. adj. 1. Suffering from dementia ...

8. Demented Meaning | Best 9 Definitions of Demented
What does demented mean? ... The definition of demented is an insane person or someone with a loss of mental ... Words near demented in the Dictionary.

Is it offensive to call someone 'demented'?

Yes, calling someone ‘demented’ could potentially be viewed as offensive and hurtful. In certain contexts it implies that a person’s mental capacity is impaired or limited due to illness or trauma. Therefore, while it may not always be offensive if used in the right way, generally speaking this term should be avoided unless absolutely necessary.

How do people use the word ‘demented’?

People typically use this adjective to refer to someone who is behaving in an irrational manner and displaying signs of insanity. This could apply when talking about both a literal mental illness as well as more abstract situations where someone’s behaviour seems strange or outside the norm. For example, you could say “his behavior was completely demented” if his actions were extremely bizarre or inappropriate for the situation.

Can 'demented' also have positive connotations?

Yes, in some cases the word ‘demented’ can have positive connotations depending on the context in which it is used. For example, in some cultures extreme devotion to religious beliefs may be described as being ‘driven by a demented faith’ rather than simply viewing them as mentally ill or irrational. Therefore, while generally speaking this term has negative implications if misused it can also carry positive connotations depending on how it is applied.

The word ‘demented’ carries very strong implications and can easily offend those who are living with mental illnesses or disabilities. Consequently, care should be taken when using this word to ensure that its intended meaning does not cause harm or offence to anyone else. However, when used correctly this term can also have positive connotations, so understanding its nuances of meaning will help ensure its correct application.


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