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A resumen is a shortened version of a longer piece of writing. It typically contains an overview of the main points or ideas within the original material and often highlights the key aspects discussed in it. In order for a resumen to be effective, it needs to be concise, well organized, and accurate.

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Glossary of English educational terminology translated into Spanish. ... When determining the level of language to be used in a translation, consider the document's ... Inglés como segundo idioma (ESL, por sus siglas en inglés). English ... redacción de un resumen ... use credible sources, to, hacer uso de fuentes fidedignas.

What is the purpose of a resumen?

The purpose of a resumen is to provide readers with an overview of the central points or ideas discussed within a longer piece of writing without having to read it in its entirety.

How long should a resumen typically be?

Resumenes can vary in length depending upon the complexity and length of the original material. Generally speaking, however, most good quality resumenes tend to be between one-half and one page long.

What information should be included in a resumen?

A good quality resumen will usually include an overview or summary of the main points from the original material as well as any relevant details or examples used in discussion. It should also make sure not to leave out any important facts or omit any crucial details.

Creating an effective resumen requires distilling down essential information from complex text into concise language that is still accurate and comprehensive. To get started, review the main points or ideas within your source material and then craft your own summary using this information but cutting out any unnecessary details. Doing so will help create an efficient and effective resumen that accurately reflects what was written while still being easy enough for readers to process quickly without having to read the entire document.


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