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Colorado Technical University (CTU) is a private university located in Colorado Springs with a focus on providing flexible program offerings that fit the needs of their students. Their MBA program is designed to empower business leaders and provide them with the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in business and make an impact in their world.

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9. Benjamin Dixon Sr., MBA, CPRW - Colorado Technical University
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Is an MBA from CTU respected in the business world?

Absolutely! An MBA from CTU is well-respected by employers across industries, as it provides graduates with a comprehensive understanding of many aspects of business management.

What kind of career opportunities could I pursue after earning my CTU MBA?

With an MBA from CTU, you will be prepared to pursue exciting career opportunities such as management positions, consulting roles, or entrepreneurial endeavors.

Does CTU offer any specialized concentrations within their MBA program?

Yes - CTU offers several tracks within its MBA program that allow you to specialize your studies to reflect your professional goals. Specialized tracks include Management and Leadership, Project Management, Accounting and Finance, Marketing, Global Business, Data Analytics & Business Intelligence, Human Resources and more.

Will I have access to career services after finishing my degree?

Graduates of the CTU MBA program have access to free lifetime placement services that can help them find meaningful employment upon completion of their degree.

A degree from Colorado Technical University's MBA program is respected by employers across industries and will open up numerous career opportunities for graduates who seek advancement or wish to pursue entrepreneurial endeavors. With specialized tracks and free lifetime placement services available exclusively for graduates, this highly customizable and flexible program will prepare you for success in a variety of areas depending on your professional goals.


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