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San Angelo is an excellent city to pursue higher education with a range of colleges and universities. From large state schools to small private institutions, there is something for every student in this vibrant and diverse college town. The universities and colleges in San Angelo provide students with access to top-notch degree programs, experienced faculty, cutting-edge technology, and more. With so much to offer, it’s no wonder why many students choose the path of education in San Angelo.

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1. Angelo State University
Angelo State UniversityWe provide a complete educational experience and a values-based culture on our modern campus in the heart of West Texas. We are the Ram Family.

2. San Angelo – Howard College
San Angelo – Howard CollegeThe Permian Basin Great 25 Nurses organization held its annual recognition ceremony for the area's top nurses which included two Howard College faculty ...

5. Colleges & Universities Near San Angelo, Texas | 2023 Best Schools
Degrees have been growing at institutions near San Angelo, Texas over the past 5 years. In 2020, students completed 1,795 degree programs at colleges and ...

8. Angelo State University | San Angelo TX | Facebook
Angelo State University | San Angelo TX | FacebookAngelo State University has been ranked among the nation's top 25 Best Online Colleges for 2023 by the EDsmart higher education resource guide. This marks the ...

9. Texas College of Cosmetology: Locations in San Angelo, Abilene ...
Texas College of Cosmetology: Locations in San Angelo, Abilene ...If you're looking for Cosmetology classes, Esthetician training or Nail Technician training, Texas College of Cosmetology is the school for you! Call now!

10. Online Courses from Howard College San Angelo
Online Courses from Howard College San AngeloHoward College San Angelo - HCSA. Welcome to the Howard College - Workforce Training Online Instruction Center! We offer a wide range of highly interactive, ...

What types of degrees can I earn at a college in San Angelo?

Colleges in San Angelo offer both undergraduate and graduate degrees including associate's degrees, bachelor's degrees, master's degrees, doctorate degrees, and certificates. Each college or university also has its own unique selection of degree programs tailored to a specific field or industry.

Are there special programs available at colleges in San Angelo?

Yes! Colleges in SanAngelo have a variety of special programs that are designed to meet the needs of their diverse group of students. These include intramural sports leagues, academic support services such as tutoring centers or writing centers, financial aid opportunities such as scholarships and grants, study abroad opportunities, internships, career counseling services and more.

Are there online options available through colleges in San Angelo?

Yes! Many colleges inSanAngelo make use of distance learning options offered by either their main campus or through online programs hosted by the school itself. Distance learning makes it possible for students who may not be able to attend classes on campus due to scheduling conflicts or other reasons to pursue their studies from wherever they are located.

There are many excellent universities and colleges located throughout the city of SanAngelo that can provide anyone looking to further their education with high quality educational opportunities. From traditional bricks-and-mortar campuses offering an array of different degree levels to specialized online learning options allowing for flexibility when studying from home - SanAngelo is one of the best places for any student looking for quality higher education.


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