Colleges In Macon Georgia

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Macon, Georgia is home to several universities and colleges offering a variety of degree programs. From community colleges to research universities and theological seminaries, each school has its own unique offerings. Learn more about the range of higher education opportunities in Macon, Georgia here.

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1. Mercer University
Mercer UniversityMercer is one of The Princeton Review's best values among national universities, combining exceptional education and career preparation at a relatively ...

2. Middle Georgia State University
Welcome to Middle Georgia State University located at 5 campuses around middle Georgia and its mission is to serve the educational needs of a diverse ...

3. Wesleyan College - First for Women
Wesleyan College - First for WomenOur beautiful 200-acre lake-side campus is nestled in a north Macon suburb. Tour our Georgian architecture, lush green spaces, recreational facilities, ...

4. Colleges & Universities in Macon, GA | Higher Education & Degrees
Colleges & Universities in Macon, GA | Higher Education & DegreesMacon Colleges and Universities · Central Georgia Technical College · Georgia College and State University- Graduate Center · Mercer University · Middle Georgia ...

5. Best Colleges in Macon | US News Rankings
Best Colleges in Macon | US News RankingsView all 8 photos. Mercer University. Macon, GA. #166. in National Universities (tie). 6 reviews · View all 17 photos. Wesleyan College. Macon, GA. #3. in ...

9. Helms College
Helms CollegeHelms College offers certificates, diplomas, and degrees in in-demand careers ... 5171 Eisenhower Parkway, Macon, GA 31206, United States; +1 478-471-4394 ...

10. Macon Campus | Central Georgia Technical College
Macon Campus | Central Georgia Technical CollegeThe Macon campus of Central Georgia Technical College is located off Eisenhower Parkway across from the Macon Mall. Administrative offices are located in ...

What types of degrees are offered in Macon, Georgia?

Students can pursue a wide range of degree options at schools in Macon, Georgia. These include associate’s degrees from community colleges such as Central Georgia Technical College, bachelor's degrees from four-year institutions like Mercer University, master’s and doctoral degrees from places like Wesleyan College, and professional doctorates from theological seminaries like Candler School of Theology.

Are there any online programs available in Macon?

Yes! Many of the schools in Macon offer online options for students who want to continue their studies remotely. For example, both Mercer University and Central Georgia Technical College have extensive online course catalogs that allow students to take courses such as criminal justice or computer science without leaving their home or office.

How much do tuition costs vary across different schools in Macon?

Tuition cost varies widely depending on the school chosen by the student. Generally speaking however, tuition at public universities is typically less than at private institutions due to state funding support. For instance, annual tuition at Mercer University is estimated at around $45k while at Central Georgia Technical College the estimated cost per year is only $3k.

Macon offers a wide variety of higher education opportunities for prospective students looking for quality educational experiences that meet their needs and budget constraints. From public universities to private liberal arts colleges and faith-based seminaries—each school provides its own unique set of academic offerings tailored to specific interests and learning styles.


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