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The phrase ‘chip off the old block’ is often used to describe someone who shares similar attributes and characteristics to their parents. This expression implies that the person has not only inherited physical traits, but also picked up behavioural traits from their parent too.

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A chip off the old block refers to someone who closely resembles his parent either in behavior, looks, interests or character. Most often, the idiom a chip off the old ...

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Chip | Definition of Chip by Merriam-WebsterChip definition is - a small usually thin and flat piece (as of wood or stone) cut, struck, or flaked off. ... chip off the old block ... Recent Examples on the Web: Noun Prices for used cars have rocketed to record highs this year as ... Middle English chippen, from Old English -cippian (as in forcippian to cut off); akin to Old English ...

What does it mean when someone is referred to as a “chip off the old block”?

When someone is described as a “chip off the old block” it means they share many of the same characteristics and behaviours of their parent or parents.

Where does the phrase “chip off the old block” originate from?

The phrase “chip off the old block” originates from an ancient Roman belief which states that children are made from pieces of their parents, likening them to a chipped piece being taken from a larger block of stone.

Is “chip off the old block” always used in a positive context?

Not necessarily – although it is most frequently associated with something positive, such as having passed on desirable qualities and attributes, this phrase can also imply that undesirable behaviours were adopted too.

Is “chip off the old block” commonly used in everyday language?

Yes, this phrase is widely used in informal and everyday conversations where people are discussing family resemblance or behaviours that may be shared between generations.

All in all, ‘chip off the old block’ is an expression used to describe somebody who shares similar characteristics with their parent or parents, suggesting that these traits have been passed down through generations. Whether good or bad behaviors, it does suggest family resemblances are strong!


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