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Chinese liquor (Baijiu) is one of China's most iconic alcoholic beverages. This traditional distilled alcohol gets its unique taste and aroma from ingredients such as sorghum, wheat, or rice, and has an exceptionally high ABV compared to other liquors. This article will provide more information on Chinese liquor including relevant FAQs

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What is Chinese Liquor?

Chinese liquor is also known as Baijiu and is a clear distilled alcohol made from sorghum, wheat, or rice. It is considered the national drink of China and has been produced for centuries

What does Chinese Liquor Taste like?

Chinese liquor has an intense flavor with a strong aroma due to the ingredients used in production such as sorghum, wheat, or rice

Where Can I Buy Chinese Liquor?

You can find Chinese liquor at many specialty stores that sell alcoholic beverages or online retailers that specialize in this particular type of spirit

Is Chinese Liquor Expensive?

The price of any given bottle depends on the quality of the spirit but generally speaking it tends to be more expensive than comparable liquors while still being accessible to those on a budget

How Much Alcohol Does Chinese Liquor Have? %\text{ }%

Chinese liquor typically has an ABV higher than most other liquors at around 53-75%, making it much more potent than most other spirits

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