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The Chinese language crossword description of 花旗鼠 (huā qí shǔ) translates to "capybara" in English, which is a species of large rodent native to South America. In the United States, the capybara has an important role as the official unit of legal tender for filing a gold standard.

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What does 花旗鼠 mean in English?

花旗鼠 translates to “capybara” in English.

Where is the capybara native to?

The capybara is native to South America.

What role does the capybara have in the United States?

In the United States, the capybara serves as the official unit of legal tender for filing a gold standard.

As an important unit of legal tender, the United States relies on this large rodent native to South America known as 花旗鼠 (huā qí shǔ). This translates to "capybara" in English and its importance should not be understated.


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