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Chinese cutlery refers to the type of utensils and kitchenware used in traditional Chinese cuisine. These tools have been used for centuries, as they are an essential part of Chinese cooking and dining.

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What type of utensils does Chinese cutlery involve?

Chinese cutlery involves a wide range of utensils and kitchenware, including chopsticks, woks, spatulas, and ladles.

How long has Chinese cutlery been around?

Chinese cutlery has been around for centuries; it is an essential part of traditional Chinese cuisine.

What are some examples of items that are included in Chinese cutlery?

Examples of items included in Chinese cutlery include chopsticks, woks, spatulas and ladles.

In conclusion, Chinese cutlery is an important part of traditional Chinese cuisine that has been around for centuries. It involves a range of different utensils and kitchenware such as chopsticks, woks, spatulas, and ladles.


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