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An online RN to BSN program is a great way for registered nurses (RNs) to get their Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree without having to leave home or work. It’s one of the most convenient ways for working nurses to progress in their nursing career and show that they are taking their education and career seriously.

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What type of companies offer these programs?

These programs are usually offered by universities, community colleges, or hospitals.

How long does it take to complete the program?

The exact amount of time needed depends on the type and length of courses chosen, but most RN-to-BSN programs can be completed within 1–2 years when taken full-time.

Are there any prerequisites needed?

Yes, nursing applicants must have an active RN license in order to apply and be accepted into a program. In addition, some schools may require applicants to pass a background check and have a certain amount of clinical experience.

What kind of jobs can I get with a BSN degree?

With an online BSN degree, you may qualify for roles such as nurse manager, director of nursing services, quality assurance specialist, infection control nurse practitioner, advanced practice registered nurse (APRN), informatics nurse specialist, or health care administrator.

Overall, earning an online RN to BSN degree can be an excellent way for nurses to further their training and educational qualifications while allowing them the flexibility to continue working. For those who are already gainfully employed in the nursing field, this can be a great way to obtain added credibility and potentially increase your earning potential through higher long-term salaries for more specialized positions.


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