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Call of Duty is one of the most popular first-person shooter video games, with millions of players competing in online matches. It's a highly competitive environment and so it has its own terminology. Here we will explain some of the common terms used in Call of Duty for those new to the game.

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What does "Headshot" mean?

In Call of Duty, a headshot is when a player uses their weapon to shoot an enemy in their head. This will usually result in an instant kill and usually earns more points than shooting an enemy elsewhere on their body.

What is "Spawn Killing"?

Spawn killing is when a player kills another player repeatedly while they are trying to spawn or respawn after they die. This is considered unsportsmanlike behavior and can result in penalties or bans depending on the game rules.

What does "Camper" mean?

Camping is when a player positions themselves somewhere away from other players, often at advantageous positions where they can easily take out any enemies that come near them without putting themselves in danger. Because it makes it difficult for everyone else to progress, camping is not allowed in most official game servers and can result in penalties or bans if done too frequently.

These are just some of the common terms used by people playing Call of Duty but there are many more which you will learn as you play more matches. With practice, you too can soon become familiar with all the lingo!


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