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Bobbly bobbly is an expression that is often used as an onomatopoeia for something moving in a bouncy manner. It is mostly used to describe something fun and childish, such as the motion of a bouncing ball or playful dog.

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1. Bobble | Definition of Bobble by Merriam-Webster
Bobble | Definition of Bobble by Merriam-WebsterEnglish Language Learners Definition of bobble ... US : a mistake that occurs when a player fails to catch or handle the ball properly in baseball, football, etc.

2. Bobbly - definition of bobbly by The Free Dictionary
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3. Bobble Definition & Meaning |
Bobble Definition & Meaning | Dictionary.combobble · a repeated, jerky movement; bob. · a momentary fumbling or juggling of a batted or thrown baseball. · an error; mistake. · a small ball of fabric usually used ...

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What does 'bobbly bobbly' mean?

'Bobbly bobbly’ is an expression that can be used to describe something moving in a bouncy manner. It usually implies something fun and whimsical.

How is the term commonly used?

The term ‘bobbly bobbly’ is most often used as an onomatopoeia, imitating the sound of something bouncing or hopping around. It can also be used to imply playfulness or amusement.

What are some examples of things described by ‘bobbly bobbly’?

Examples of things described by ‘bobbly bobbly’ include children bouncing while they play, dogs frolicking around, or balls bouncing up and down.

Is the expression ever used in other contexts?

While most commonly used as an onomatopoeia for things moving in a small circular manner, ‘bobbly bobbly’ can also be used in more abstract contexts. For example, it could refer to someone who always appears happy and upbeat despite their circumstances.

Overall, ‘bobbly bobbly’ is an expression mainly meant to suggest fun and playful activities. It may be employed both literally or figuratively to communicate this sentiment.


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