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A board up company is a service provider that specializes in the process of boarding up doors and windows of homes or businesses. Board ups provide an added layer of security to protect a property from burglars, trespassers, and other unwanted guests entering the premises. Generally, board up companies will come to a location, measure the openings for boards, cut and apply the boards to the openings, and then secure them in place with screws or nails.

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What are some common reasons why someone would need to hire a board up company?

Common reasons include protecting a vacant property from vandals or intruders, blocking out light from entering when undergoing renovation projects, providing temporary reinforcement after experiencing severe weather damage such as high winds or flooding caused by storms.

How do I know which size boards I need?

Board up companies typically measure all existing openings before cutting and applying the boards so you do not need to worry about that. However, if you would like to provide specific measurements ahead of time they can accommodate those requests as well.

What type of material is used to make the boards?

Most board up companies generally use plywood planks that are made out of wood composite material. This offers great durability against harsh weather conditions while also offering protection against break-ins.

How long can boards remain in place?

Most board ups can typically remain in place for several weeks depending on local building codes and regulations or any other special circumstances associated with your situation. It’s important to contact your local authorities before installing boards since there may be limits on how long they can stay in place without being removed or replaced.

Are there any additional services provided aside from just boarding up doors and windows?

Yes! Depending on the company you choose additional services such as tarping roofs for storm damage repair, waste removal services for structures affected by fire or floods may also be available upon request.

Hiring a board up company is an excellent way to ensure that your home or business remains safe and secure when no one is present at the premises. Before making your selection it’s important to review each company’s credentials thoroughly, research what materials they use for their boards, inquire about their services offered, find out how long their boards can stay in place without replacements needed, and lastly determine what other related services they offer should you require them down the line.


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