Bathroom Items Names Definition And Meaning In English

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Bathroom items are essential parts of a bathroom. Common items found in bathrooms include toilets, bidets, bathtubs, showers, sinks, and mirrors. In this article, we will discuss the definition and meaning of these different items to better understand the components of a modern bathroom.

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1. Toilet (room) - Wikipedia
Toilet (room) - WikipediaA toilet is a small room used for privately accessing the sanitation fixture (toilet) for urination ... This room is commonly known as a "bathroom" in American English as well as in the ... a "washroom" in Canadian English, and by many other names across the ... The main item in the room is the sanitation fixture itself, the toilet.

2. Toilet set Definition & Meaning |
Toilet set Definition & Meaning | Dictionary.comOrigin of toilet set · Words nearby toilet set · How to use toilet set in a sentence · British Dictionary definitions for toilet set.

4. How the Toilet Got Its Name
How the Toilet Got Its NameThis word became 'toilet' in English, and referred to a cloth put over the shoulders ... In Middle French, the diminutive form of toile was toilette, which means "small ... to a cloth covering a dressing table (or vanity) then to the articles on the table, ...

6. Toiletry | Definition of Toiletry by Merriam-Webster
Toiletry | Definition of Toiletry by Merriam-WebsterToiletry definition is - an article or preparation (such as toothpaste, shaving cream , or cologne) used in ... video games, toiletry items and household items such as sandwich baggies, laundry detergent, sponges, ... 1917, in the meaning defined above ... From the Editors at Merriam-Webster. toilet. How the Toilet Got Its Name  ...

7. 12 Synonyms & Antonyms for BATHROOM |
12 Synonyms & Antonyms for BATHROOM | Thesaurus.comFind 12 ways to say BATHROOM, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at ... See definition of bathroom on nounroom for ...

10. Bathroom Items Vocabulary with images and Flashcards | Download ...
Bathroom Items Vocabulary with images and Flashcards | Download ...Gardening Tools: List of 30 Useful Tools Names for Gardening - English Study Onl. ... Bathroom Picture Dictionary worksheet - Free ESL printable worksheets ...

What is a toilet?

A toilet is a sanitary fixture used for the disposal of human waste. It consists of a bowl-shaped container connected to a plumbing system and drainage pipe for disposing of waste water.

What is a bidet?

A bidet is a plumbing fixture used to cleanse after using the toilet. It consists of a basin connected to a water supply and has various settings for controlling temperature and pressure of the water flow.

What is a bathtub?

A bathtub is an enclosed container used for bathing or soaking in water or other liquids. It usually has two handles on each side for easy access and also includes taps that control hot and cold water flow.

What is a shower?

A shower is an enclosed cubicle with overhead or handheld showerheads attached to pipes connected to the plumbing system which provides hot or cold running water that can be adjusted with controls located inside the shower cubicle.

What is sink?

A sink is a bowl-shaped fixture made from porcelain or metal that attaches to pipes built into it for disposing wastewater from washing dishes, hands, etc., as well as containing taps that control hot and cold running water for use in cleaning activities like rinsing off dishes or washing hands.

Understanding bathroom items helps us better appreciate the convenience they provide us in our daily lives by aiding us in cleaning activities such as bathing, washing hands, flushing toilets, etc., as well as adding aesthetic appeal to bathrooms through clever use and placements of mirrors, lighting fixtures, etc. By familiarizing ourselves with common bathroom items, we can ensure our bathrooms are equipped with all necessary components while also ensuring they look aesthetically pleasing at the same time!


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