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Backgrounder | Definition of Backgrounder by Merriam-WebsterBackgrounder definition is - an off-the-record briefing for reporters. ... Recent Examples on the Web In some countries, LGBTQ+ people face danger and imprisonment according to ... Dictionary, Merriam-Webster, ... ENGLISH - ARABIC TRANSLATION · NGLISH - SPANISH-ENGLISH TRANSLATION.

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What type of information does a backgrounder provide?

A backgrounder provides detailed information about an issue, topic, company, organization, or concept. This can include facts, figures, stories, analyses, expert opinions and other relevant data.

Where can I find backgrounder documents?

Backgrounder documents can be found through various sources such as websites of companies or organizations, media outlets or publications; public archives; media databases; government offices; and many other places that provide research materials.

Who uses backgrounder documents?

Backgrounder documents are used by journalists, researchers, writers and editors who need to gather background information on certain topics. They can also be used by businesses and organizations when they want to provide additional information on their products/services or goals/missions.

How do I create a backgrounder document?

Creating a backgrounder document involves researching the topic extensively to gather background information that can be used to provide greater understanding of the issue at hand. It should include facts, figures, stories and analyses that are pertinent to the topic being discussed. Furthermore, it should also have expert opinions from reliable sources to further validate any claims made within the document itself.

What are some examples of backgrounder documents?

Examples of backgrounder documents include press releases from companies/organizations discussing their goals/missions; policy briefs from think tanks about an issue; academic papers about particular topics; white papers from government departments about programs; reports from non-governmental organizations (NGOs); articles written for periodicals about current news items; and many others.

[END]: In conclusion, a backgrounder is an important tool for journalists, researchers and editors in providing comprehensive understanding into certain issues as well as informing people of different organisations' business practices. It therefore serves as an invaluable source of information when needed to gain deeper insight into certain topics being discussed.


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