Awareness Sentence Definition And Meaning In English

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Awareness sentences are powerful statements that bring attention to important social topics with the intention of inspiring others to take action. They can be used by individuals and organizations alike in order to spread awareness and knowledge on certain issues. By understanding what an awareness sentence is, as well as its purpose and impact, we can use them effectively for greater results.

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1. Awareness | Definition of Awareness by Merriam-Webster
Awareness | Definition of Awareness by Merriam-WebsterAwareness definition is - the quality or state of being aware : knowledge and understanding that something is happening or exists. How to use awareness in a sentence. ... Britannica English: Translation of awareness for Arabic Speakers ...

5. Awareness Meaning | Best 3 Definitions of Awareness
Awareness Sentence Examples · The movement brought a painful awareness of how stiff her muscles were becoming. · Rhyme awareness promotes reading ability ...

6. The best 438 awareness sentence examples
This effect means that abreaction starts forcing his problems into his everyday ... In the 1980's, the British government ran its AIDS awareness campaign ' Don't ...

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Children who have phonological awareness are able to identify and make oral rhymes, can ... There are 44 phonemes in the English language, including sounds ... Make up silly sentences with words that begin with the same sound, such as ...

9. heightened awareness in a sentence | Sentence examples by ...
heightened awareness in a sentence | Sentence examples by ...Examples of heightened awareness in a sentence, how to use it. ... Any opinions in the examples do not represent the opinion of the Cambridge Dictionary editors or of Cambridge University Press or its ... From the Cambridge English Corpus.

10. Understandings/elements of concepts of print in the English language
Understandings/elements of concepts of print in the English languageJun 16, 2020 ... ​Concepts of Print refers to the awareness of 'how print works'. ... and; distinction between sentences, words and letters, and; knowledge of the ... of Concepts of Print for English include the concept of text (how a text ... Understand how different types of images in texts contribute to meaning (VCEALA116 ...

What is an awareness sentence?

An awareness sentence is a statement intended to raise public knowledge or understanding of an issue, typically one related to social justice, in order to facilitate discussion about it and positively influence the public opinion.

Who uses awareness sentences?

Awareness sentences can be used by individuals and organizations alike in order to spread awareness and knowledge on certain issues.

How should an individual use an awareness sentence?

Individuals can share meaningful statements regarding important social topics on their own digital platforms such as blogs or websites. They can also use them for inspirational messages for their followers or friends via email or text message.

What kind of impact do awareness sentences have?

Awareness sentences have the potential of sparking debate with other people which could ultimately lead to positive change in society. It can also build a sense of community around a cause whereby people come together under one shared goal – such as protecting endangered animals or providing equal rights for all genders – by unifying around an idea they believe in.

How long should an awareness sentence be?

An effective awareness sentence should be concise yet meaningful – around five words maximum – so its message is easy for everyone to understand and remember.

Awareness sentences are powerful tools that allow people from different backgrounds to come together under a single cause they believe in while inspiring action towards achieving these goals. By utilizing these short yet impactful phrases effectively, we can continue doing our part towards making this world a more equitable place for all living beings.


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