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The ATRRS (Army Training Requirements and Resources System) Army Course Catalog is a comprehensive listing of training courses offered to U.S. Army personnel. It includes both residential and non-residential courses, designed to provide Soldiers with the skills they need to succeed in their military career. The catalog contains information on each course, including its duration, objective, location, prerequisites, and cost. The goal of the ATRRS Army Course Catalog is to ensure that all personnel have access to the training they need to be successful both in their current assignments and in their future military careers.

Table Of Content:

3. ATRRS Course Catalog 2023
ATRRS Course Catalog 2023The Army's ATRRS course catalog is a comprehensive online resource for upcoming soldiers. It contains information about courses, manpower needs, and class ...

4. Course Repository | Army University
The ArmyU Course Repository is NOT the site to register for Army training. The Course Repository is designed for registrars to articulate academic credit for ...

6. Army Correspondence Course Program (ACCP)
Before attempting to register for a course, the Soldier will want to view the course descriptions and pre-requisites via the Course Catalog at https://www.atrrs ...

What types of courses are available?

The catalog includes both residential and non-residential courses for U.S. Army personnel. Courses range from basic soldiering skills like marksmanship or maintenance operations to specific field skills such as intelligence analysis or air assault operations.

Where can I find information about course requirements?

Information on course prerequisites can be found in the "Course Prerequisites" section of each course's individual page in the catalog.

How much do the courses cost?

Costs vary depending on the type of course and its length, but all costs are listed on each course's individual page in the catalog.

Where are these courses offered?

Courses may be held at various locations throughout the United States, including military bases, civilian sites, and online learning platforms. Locations are listed on each course's individual page in the catalog.

The ATRRS Army Course Catalog provides a comprehensive listing of courses available to U.S. Army personnel and allows Personnel Officers to easily identify those that meet their needs for education and training requirements. By providing detailed information about cost, location, prerequisites, objectives, etc., it helps ensure that Soldiers have access to all relevant resources that will help them advance their careers within the Armed Forces.


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