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Confirmed is a term commonly used in the United States Military. It has a specific meaning and applies to many aspects of service and operations.

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The battle of the Herrings (February 1429) was fought in order to cover the march of a convoy of Lenten food to the English army besieging Orleans. 1. 0.

What does “confirmed” mean in the military?

Confirmed means that an order or decision has been accepted, verified, and approved within the chain of command. It infers that everyone involved in the decision-making process agrees with the outcome.

Where is the term “confirmed” used in the military?

The term confirmed is most often used when discussing orders or missions being deployed or carried out. It can also be used to describe any sort of agreement between leaders within the chain of command.

What are some implications for orders that are not confirmed?

When an order isn't confirmed, it means that there's a disagreement somewhere along the chain of command about how that order should be executed or implemented. If this happens, then additional steps will have to be taken before an agreement can be reached.

In conclusion, “confirmed” is a very important term in military operations as it verifies and agrees upon decisions amongst leadership and implies successful execution of orders. Without confirmation, orders may not get approved or accepted which could put mission objectives at risk.


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