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Are you still up is an expression often used in informal settings to ask someone if they are still awake. This can be a question asked at any time of day, but usually refers to asking someone past midnight if they're still awake even though it's late.

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What does "are you still up?" mean?

Are you still up is an expression that is commonly used to ask someone if they are still awake, especially when it's late into the night or morning.

Is it considered rude to say "are you still up?"?

Generally, no, saying are you still up is not considered rude as it's a common phrase used in informal settings. However, depending on the context, tone and how well acquainted two people are, saying this may be deemed inappropriate.

Can "are you still up?" be used during the day?

Yes, "are you still up" can be used during the day as well. It usually implies that the person being asked has been asleep for some time and woke them up instead of asking whether or not the person was planning on sleeping soon or going to bed.

What other phrases can be used in place of "are you still up"?

Other phrases that can be used in place of are you still up include 'you awake?', 'still around?', 'you up?' and 'you there?'. These phrases all carry a similar meaning but may be more appropriate depending on the situation and relationship between two people.

How should one respond when someone asks if they're still up?

When someone asks if another person is still up, a response could depend on how familiar two people are with each other or what kind of conversation occurred prior to being asked. Generally one could reply with either yes or no as well as providing more information about why they couldn't sleep if necessary.

While saying “Are You Still Up” might not always seem like appropriate behavior depending on who it’s said too - in general, this expression implies just curiousity about another person’s availability rather than rudeness. As long as both parties involved understand what this phrase means by context clues then there shouldn’t be any cause for concern when using this type of language.


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