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An apostille is a certification of authenticity for documents issued in one country so that they can be recognized in another. It is an internationally accepted form of authentication and it is part of the Hague Convention of 1961, which was established to simplify the process of authenticating documents from one country to another. The apostille certificate is typically issued by a government agency or other public authority within the country where the document was originally issued.

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9. Apostille Frequently Asked Questions :: California Secretary of State
Find answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding apostille here. ... Secretary of State issue an Apostille for a document in a language other than English? Yes. ... Does the California Secretary of State provide translation services?

What kind of documents require an apostille?

Documents that typically require an apostille include birth certificates, marriage licenses, adoption papers, affidavits and diplomas. An apostille is used when international authorities need proof that the document has been certified as accurate and legal in its home country.

Who issues an apostille?

An apostille is usually issued by government agencies or public authorities from the home country. A person may also need to enlist the services of a professional agency to facilitate obtaining an apostille on their behalf.

What countries are members of the Hague Convention?

There are over 100 countries which adhere to the Hague Convention and recognize apostilles from participating countries without further legalization processes being required. The full list of countries can be found on the Hague Conference website.

What if my destination country does not accept apostilles?

If a destination country does not accept apostilles then a different form of authentication or legalization may be required, such as diplomatic authentication or consular legalisation (which involves having documents certified by embassies or consulates representing foreign governments).

How long does it take to obtain an Apostille?

It depends on where you are obtaining it from and who you are using to obtain it, but generally speaking it should take no more than 2 weeks assuming everything goes smoothly with no delays.

In summary, an Apostille is a form of certification used by member states under The Hague Convention for authenticating and legalizing official documents for use in other countries outside their own jurisdiction. It makes for quick recognition between signatory nations without requiring additional verification processes and typically takes no more than two weeks to obtain from its home nation if conditions allow.


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