Another Word For Large Amounts Definition And Meaning In English

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Copious can be used as an adjective to describe large amounts of anything. If something is copious, it is plentiful and abundant. It can also describe a sense of generosity or richness in its quantity.

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How is copious described?

Copious is described as big, plentiful, and considerable.

What type of word is copious?

Copious is an adjective used to describe large amounts or generosity.

Is there a specific definition for the word copious?

Yes, the definition of copious is "big, plentiful, and considerable".

In what ways can you use the word copious?

Copious can be used to describe an abundant amount or generous quantity.

What other words have similar meanings to copious?

Words that have similar meanings to copious include plentiful, abundant, and considerable.

Copious has many uses when describing large quantities or affluence. It allows us to express our thoughts clearly and concisely while communicating something that may seem excessive or overindulgent. No matter the situation or quality being described, using the adjective “copious” will always help convey your point with clarity and accuracy.


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