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Intervention is an action taken by one party to help resolve a conflict between two other parties. It can take different forms and be used for many different scenarios. The main idea behind intervention is that a third-party can step in and offer their support, knowledge or resources to help the situation.

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What types of interventions are there?

Interventions can take many forms such as physical intervention, digital intervention, medical intervention and military intervention. The type of intervention used depends on the situation at hand.

Who provides interventions?

Interventions can be provided by any third-party who has an interest in resolving the conflict or by any external sources such as governments or businesses.

How does intervention help solve conflicts?

Intervention helps to bring about a resolution through mediation, negotiation and arbitration which are all tactics used to bring about settlements and agreements between two parties. Additionally, interventions also provide resources that may not have been available before which could potentially lead to a positive outcome for all involved parties.

What is the difference between mediation and intervention?

Mediation refers to when both parties come together with an independent mediator in order to come up with an agreement while intervention usually involves a third-party intervening without both parties being present.

Intervention is an essential tool for resolving disputes and helping people come to agreements that benefit everyone involved. When done properly, it can provide much needed resources and assistance in times of conflict and strife so that those affected can get back on their feet faster and more peacefully than before.


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