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The word “foresee” is used to describe an action wherein someone is able to gain insight into what will happen in the future. It generally refers to predicting the future with accuracy, though one can also use it in a more general sense. In terms of its usage, it is often associated with being able to see something or know something before it actually happens.

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Are there other words that can mean foresee?

Yes, some other words that may be used instead of “foresee” include anticipate, predict, divine, envision, and foretell.

Can you use foresee for positive events?

Absolutely! Foresee can be used for both negative and positive events.

Is foresee a verb?

Yes, foresee is a verb meaning "to have an idea about what will happen in the future."

Is foreseeing different from guessing?

Yes; foreseeing implies one has some sort of special knowledge about what might happen in the future as opposed to guessing which implies one is simply making an educated guess.

In conclusion, “foresee” is a word used to describe someone who is able to predict or anticipate the future with accuracy and confidence. It can refer to both positive and negative events and requires special knowledge beyond mere guessing or speculation.


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