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Bigotry is an intolerance of beliefs that differ from one's own. It is a form of discrimination based on the unacceptance of another's opinion on matters such as race, religion, gender, or politics. This definition of bigotry was first noted in the early 1700s and has since evolved over time. Bigotry is not only limited to individuals but can also manifest itself in institutions and governments.

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What does it mean to be a bigot?

Being a bigot means having an extreme intolerance towards other opinions that are different from yours. A person who believes they are superior to others based on their race, religion, gender, or political views without considering other points of view would be considered a bigot.

How can bigotry be expressed?

Bigotry can be expressed in many ways such as through verbal insults and physical violence against those with opposing views. It can also manifest itself through institutional discrimination like in employment settings or housing practices.

Is bigotry always bad?

Bigotry is never good for society as it implies exclusion and unfair treatment of those who have different beliefs than the majority. Not only does it create an atmosphere that stifles diversity and innovation but it also undermines basic human rights and equality for all citizens regardless of race, religion, gender or political views.

Bigotry is ingrained in us from very early ages when we internalize our family’s values and traditions; thereafter it may take many forms when expressed overtly or slyly within communal living arrangements such as educational institutions, workplaces or neighbourhood societies where prejudices are often picked up subliminally. We must all strive to be more accepting of different opinions by engaging in productive conversations that promote understanding instead of promoting narrow-mindedness.


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