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Event planners are responsible for organizing and managing events of all sizes. From small birthday parties to large corporate functions, an event planner will handle all of the details to ensure that everything runs smoothly and according to plan. Event planners can be hired independently or through companies specializing in event planning services.

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What tasks does an event planner do?

An event planner typically helps with tasks such as selecting a venue, creating a budget, finding vendors or suppliers for goods or services needed for the event, coordinating transportation and lodging for any guests who may need it, handling legal paperwork related to the event such as permits or licenses, and ensuring that all guests have a good experience.

Do I need an event planner if I'm hosting a small party?

Hiring an event planner can be beneficial even for smaller events like birthday parties or baby showers. Event planners can help you with things like creating a checklist of items to purchase or rent so you don't forget anything important, staying within your budget, researching venues near you that are appropriate for your type of party, ordering invitations and decorations – just to name a few!

Is hiring an event planner expensive?

Depending on the size and scope of your planned events fees vary greatly. Most professional independent planners charge between 15-20% of the total cost of your function while larger firms may charge up to 30%. It’s best always to get quotes from several different firms before making a decision about who will provide your services.

How do I find an experienced event planner?

The best way is by asking friends who have held similar types of events in your area recently if they used someone they would recommend looking into further . You can also research online by searching through review sites like Yelp! or Google Business listing places where people can leave reviews about their experiences with local businesses including vendors often list their services as well.

What qualifications should I look for when hiring an event planner?

Look for certifications from organizations like Meeting Planners International (MPI) which signify that person has taken course work in meeting/event planning or has worked in this field for quite some time. Additionally some states require anyone providing planning services professionally take out additional insurance coverage . Ask potential candidates in interviews what qualifications they hold.

: Event planners are invaluable resources when planning almost any type of gathering from small private functions to large multi-day conferences. They can help streamline the process so everything goes smoothly on the day of by taking care of all those tedious details that go into hosting something successful hence allowing you more freedom to enjoy yourself during this special time!


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