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Ano is a common Japanese phrase that translates to “what” in English. In Japanese, ano is used as a filler word, similar to how “um” is used in English. This simple phrase can be used in casual conversations or everyday scenarios when asking questions.

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Wiktionary · informal: buttocks or anus. bum; → ano; trasero; · lower opening of the digestive tract. anus; → ano; · the excretory opening of lower orders of vertebrates.

How do you use the word ano?

Ano can be used when asking questions such as "Ano desu ka?," which literally translates to “What is it?” It can also be used to form longer sentences, such as "Dare ano hito wa?" which translates to "Who is that person?"

What does ano mean besides “what”?

Ano can also be translated to “that over there" or "that thing." For example, if someone was pointing towards something and wanted to refer to it they might say "Anona mono," which would translate to "That thing (over there)."

Is ano only used in Japan?

While many people associate the term with Japan, it is not unique to the country. You may hear variations of the word being used all over East Asia, including China and Korea.

Ano is one of the most commonly used words in the Japanese language and it has various different applications. It can be used for simple expressions such as "What" but also for more complex sentences like "Who is he?" An usage of ano varies between countries but it primarily originates from Japan.


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