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An animal doctor, or veterinarian, is a medical health care professional who specializes in diagnosing and treating illnesses and disorders in animals. These doctors typically consult with pet owners to provide preventive care for their animals. A veterinarian may also diagnose and treat a variety of conditions related to the bones, muscles, skin, joints, ears, eyes, nose and throat of animals. They are responsible for ensuring the animal's overall health and well-being.

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1. Veterinarian - Wikipedia
Veterinarian - WikipediaA veterinarian (vet), also known as a veterinary surgeon or veterinary physician, is a ... Most veterinary physicians work in clinical settings, treating animals directly. ... word "veterinary" comes from the Latin veterinae meaning "working animals". ... and now as a veterinarian in most of the rest of the English-speaking world.

3. Vet | Definition of Vet by Merriam-Webster
Vet | Definition of Vet by Merriam-Webster7 days ago ... 2a : to provide veterinary care for (an animal) or medical care for (a person). b : to subject ... Interestingly, the word is not related to veteran at all, but rather to veterinarian "an animal doctor. ... The first known use of vet was in 1848 ... See the full definition for vet in the English Language Learners Dictionary.

4. PET Scan: Definition, Purpose, Procedure, and Results
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5. VET | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary
VET | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionaryvet definition: 1. a person with a medical degree trained to take care of the health of animals: 2. the office…. Learn more. ... Meaning of vet in English. vet ... vet noun [C] (ANIMAL DOCTOR). B1 ... The farmer called the vet out to treat a sick cow.

6. vet - Dictionary Definition :
vet - Dictionary Definition : Vocabulary.comAs a verb, vet means "to carefully examine beforehand. ... might ask you to vet people's applications before calling them for interviews, ... Medically speaking, when a doctor vets you — or an animal — medical care is given. Definitions of vet .

7. Doctor definition and meaning | Collins English Dictionary
Doctor definition and meaning | Collins English DictionaryDoctor definition: A doctor is someone who is qualified in medicine and treats people who are ill . | Meaning ... A dentist or , veterinarian can also be called doctor. [US] ... doctor in British English. (ˈdɒktə ) ... to castrate (a cat, dog, etc). Collins ...

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What qualifications do veterinarians need?

Veterinarians must have at least a Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) degree from an accredited college or university in order to practice as a veterinarian. A number of other credentials such as specialized licenses or certifications may also be required depending on the type of job or setting they work in.

What types of procedures do veterinarians perform?

Veterinarians are qualified to perform a wide range of procedures including physical exams, vaccinations and spaying/neutering. In addition, they can administer emergency medical treatments such as CPR and intubation as well as surgical procedures like neutering in male cats and dogs. They may also prescribe medications for prompt control of infectious diseases or other conditions that require quick action.

How often should my pet be seen by a veterinarian?

It is recommended that you bring your pet to a veterinarian once every 6 months for routine checkups. The frequency may vary depending on the type of animal you have and its breed, but regular preventive care is important for maintaining your pet’s health. Additionally, it is important to bring your pet to the vet immediately if you suspect any illness or injury.

Animal doctors play an essential role in keeping our pets healthy and happy throughout their lives. Regular visits will help ensure any underlying medical issues are caught early on before they become more serious problems later on down the road. In addition to providing routine exams and preventative treatments like vaccinations, animal doctors are skilled at diagnosing illnesses and treating them with medication when needed.


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