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In the Latin language, Amor Platonicus or 'Platonic Love' is a term used to refer to a certain type of love. This type of love is characterized by admiration and affection between two people, without any physical aspects of a relationship. As such, it's a commonly studied concept in literature, cinema and media as it poses an interesting question - can we truly express our affections without resorting to physical contact?

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What does Amor Platonicus mean?

Amor Platonicus is derived from the Latin language and means 'Platonic Love'. It refers to an affectionate form of love that does not involve any physical aspects.

Are Platonic relationships real?

While there is no clear definition of what constitutes a ‘real’ relationship, it can be said that Platonic relationships can exist just like any other kind of relationship with deep emotional bonds and affinity.

Can platonic relationships turn into romantic ones?

Yes, some platonic relationships may evolve into something more romantic over time if both parties are open to this idea. However, most platonic relationships remain as they are due to their non-romantic nature.

Amor Platonicus presents us with an interesting understanding of love; a kind of love that is purely based on emotion, but also one which can grow deeper and stand the test of time even in its purest form. It's an ideal worth striving towards and reminds us that love doesn't always require the physical side.


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