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The American Institute West Hartford (AIWH) is an innovative space for learning and research located in the heart of Connecticut. It is a unique learning environment focused on developing skills needed for today’s ever-changing, diverse society. AIWH offers members access to tools and technologies necessary for success in college, work, and personal development.

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3. American Institute: Trade School Training in NJ & CT
American Institute: Trade School Training in NJ & CTIn 1924, American Institute, then known as Hartford Secretarial School, opened its doors to its first class of business students. Since that day, thousands of ...

What types of programs does AIWH offer?

AIWH provides individuals with access to a number of educational programs and activities that encompass the core areas of technology, business, science, engineering, liberal arts, humanities, and social sciences. Members can attend workshops, lectures, seminars and other events designed to introduce them to new ideas or hone existing ones. In addition, members have the opportunity to apply for scholarships or pursue independent studies.

How can I join AIWH?

Membership at AIWH is open to anyone interested in furthering their knowledge or career goals. To become a member you must fill out an online application form that includes basic contact information such as name, email address and phone number. After submitting your application form you will receive an emailed link which will allow you to set up your account and login information.

What resources does AIWH provide?

AIWH provides its members with access to a variety of resources including educational classes and workshops; collaboration spaces; libraries; special collections; multimedia studios; computer labs; maker spaces; career counseling services; virtual reality experiences; software engineering courses; coding classes for adults and kids; networking opportunities and much more!

The American Institute West Hartford is a dynamic place of learning offering students from all backgrounds the tools needed for success in today’s world. Through its wide range of programs and resources it equips its members with the skills needed to succeed in whatever field they choose. With continuing support from generous donors the future looks bright for this innovative institute!


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