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Weaves, also known as hair extensions, are a popular way of adding length and volume to natural hair. They come in both synthetic and human hair varieties and can be used to create a variety of hairstyles. Weaves are a great option for those looking to change their look without damaging their hair or having to commit to a permanent style.

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What is a weave?

A weave is an artificial hair piece that is attached to one's own natural hair with clips, tape, or glue. It can be either pre-braided or woven onto one’s head, or it can simply be attached directly onto the scalp with adhesive materials. Weaves are designed to add length, fullness and volume to existing hair.

How long does a weave last?

The longevity of a weave depends on several factors such as how well it was installed, the quality of the hair used, and how often it is cared for properly. Generally speaking, weaves can last anywhere from 3-6 months with proper care and maintenance.

What types of weaves are there?

There are many different types of weaves available; some common ones include sew ins, wigs, tape in wefts, clip-ins and pre-bonded wefts (microlinks). Each type offers varying levels of permanence and convenience so it’s best to research which type would be most suitable for your needs before making your decision.

Is getting a weave permanent?

No; most weaves can easily be removed if desired by unweaving them or cutting them off close to the scalp. However keep in mind that some types such as microlink weft extensions require more involved removal processes due to the way they are installed (with small metal links) so it may be best to consult with a professional about removal prior to installation just in case you decide you want them out earlier than expected.

Does wearing a weave damage your natural hair?

Not necessarily - providing that your weave has been installed correctly by an experienced stylist who knows how much tension should be applied when securing it into place then you should not have any problems with damaging your own hair underneath during its wear time. Regular maintenance will also help keep your natural strands healthy beneath the bonds or thread used for weaving the extensions in.

Weaves offer an easy way for people wanting more options in their hairstyles by adding length and volume without causing permanent changes or damage to their own natural strands. With various types available in both human and synthetic varieties there’s sure to be one that suits everyone’s individual needs perfectly!


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