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The phrase “Am I my brother’s keeper?” is a biblical reference taken from the Old Testament book of Genesis. In this story, Cain kills his brother Abel out of jealousy and when God confronts him about it, Cain responds with the line “Am I my brother’s keeper?” The phrase has since been used as a metaphor for the obligation that humans have to help one another in times of need.

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What is the origin of "Am I my brother's keeper" ?

The phrase “Am I my brother’s keeper?” originates from a verse in the Bible from Genesis 4:9. In this story, Cain has killed his brother Abel out of jealousy and when God confronts him about it, Cain responds with this line.

What does "Am I my brother's keeper" mean?

It means to take responsibility for others and be willing to look after them even if it may be difficult or inconvenient for us to do so. This can refer to supporting family members, friends or even complete strangers who are in need.

How is 'Am I My Brother's Keeper' related to social issues?

This phrase calls attention to our moral duty as people to care for others and address social problems that arise due to inequality, injustice or mistreatment of those less fortunate than us. By looking after one another, we can better create an inclusive and supportive environment for all members of society.

What role does 'Am I My Brother's Keeper' play today?

It serves as a reminder that we should always strive to help our fellow beings whenever the opportunity arises. We should be there for each other during difficult times, encouraging kindness and understanding while fostering an atmosphere of love and acceptance.

In conclusion, no matter what our individual beliefs may be, "Am I my Brother's Keeper" serves as an important reminder that we have an obligation towards each other as human beings - whether family, friends or strangers - to support one another during challenging times in life and always consider their welfare first.


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