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A condominium, often shortened to condo, is a form of residential real estate owned and managed through a private organization. Unlike renting an apartment from a landlord, condo ownership means purchasing one’s own piece of real estate within the larger building or complex containing other individually-owned dwellings.

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How is owning a condo different from renting?

Owning a condo means purchasing one's own piece of real estate as part of the larger building or complex it sits in whereas renting an apartment usually involves obtaining permission from the property owner and signing a lease agreement.

What are some advantages of owning a condo?

Some advantages include not having to take care of exterior maintenance, potential long-term investments benefits, access to amenities such as gyms and swimming pools at no extra cost, and more control over your living environment.

Who manages condos?

Most condos are managed by private organizations that keep track of tenant/owner information and handle certain day-to-day activities like handling mail delivery and collecting fees for common area maintenance.

Are there downsides to owning a condo?

As with any property purchase, there can be downsides such as staying on top of repairs that come up in the unit itself as well as potentially higher costs for insurance than renting an apartment would likely incur.

While condos come with potential benefits like long-term investments opportunities and easier access to amenities like pools or gyms, they also require upkeep that may exceed what comes with renting an apartment. Before deciding whether purchasing a condo or choosing another form of residence is right for you, consider carefully all the pros and cons involved in ownership vs rental situations.


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