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Alli is a term used for referring to a friend or companion. It’s short for the word “ally” and is used in informal settings mainly. It can also be used as an affectionate way of addressing someone, similar to how one would refer to a close friend.

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What does Alli mean?

Alli is a slang term for referring to a friend or companion.

How is Alli used?

Alli is mainly used in informal settings as an affectionate way of referring to close friends.

What other terms can be used similarly?

Other terms that could be used similarly include "mate", "buddy" and "pal".

Alli is a slang term that has become increasingly popular since its introduction into English-speaking cultures. Its use has been most common amongst young people, but it has made its way into more formal contexts as well. Despite its brevity, the meaning of alli comes across quite clearly when used in conversation.


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