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An all suite hotel is a type of lodging that offers guests extended stay accommodations. Rather than traditional hotel rooms, an all suite hotel features large suites that are self-contained and include in-room amenities such as a kitchenette, work space, and separate living areas. All suite hotels usually offer longer stays for business travelers and vacationers alike.

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1. Suite | Definition of Suite by Merriam-Webster
Suite | Definition of Suite by Merriam-WebsterSuite definition is - retinue; especially : the personal staff accompanying a ruler, diplomat, or dignitary on official ... a group of rooms in a hotel that is used by one person, couple, family, etc. ... See the full definition for suite in the English Language Learners Dictionary ... illustrated notebook that says everyday vs every day ...

2. ALL-SUITE | Definition of ALL-SUITE by Oxford Dictionary on Lexico ...
ALL-SUITE | Definition of ALL-SUITE by Oxford Dictionary on Lexico ...Designating a hotel or hotel-style accommodation where, as well as a bedroom and bathroom, a separate living room, cooking facilities, etc., are provided.

3. Suite (hotel) - Wikipedia
Suite (hotel) - WikipediaA suite in a hotel or other public accommodation, such as a cruise ship denotes, according to most dictionary definitions, connected rooms under one room ...

4. Suite Definition & Meaning |
Suite Definition & Meaning | Dictionary.coma connected series of rooms to be used together: a hotel suite. a set of furniture, especially a set comprising the basic furniture necessary for one room: a ...

5. What Does En Suite Mean? A Real Estate Agent Answers ...
What Does En Suite Mean? A Real Estate Agent Answers ...Apr 28, 2021 ... The term “en suite” comes from French and means “afterwards” or “following. ... room, the French word and the English word really have nothing to do with one another. ... After all, no one likes having to navigate down a dark hallway in the middle ... A two-star hotel could use the term “en suite” in their room ...

6. suite - Dictionary Definition :
suite - Dictionary Definition : Vocabulary.comA suite (sounds like "sweet") is a collection of matching things. It usually refers to rooms together, like when you get a suite at a fancy hotel. It can also be a set of ...

7. EN SUITE | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary
EN SUITE | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary5 days ago ... en suite definition: 1. used to describe a bathroom that is directly connected to a bedroom, or a ... All four bedrooms in their new house are en suite. ... I want a hotel room with an en-suite bathroom. All ... Examples of en suite.

What types of amenities are typically included at an all suite hotel?

All suite hotels offer suites that include in-room amenities such as a kitchenette, work space, and separate living areas. Additional amenities may also be available depending on the property, such as Wi-Fi access, complimentary breakfast options or on-site dining services, swimming pools, fitness centers or spas.

What types of guests typically stay at all suite hotels?

All suite hotels cater to both business travelers who need accommodations for long term stays and vacationers who are looking for more spacious or home-like lodging than what is typically offered at traditional hotels.

Are there any benefits to staying at an all suite hotel?

Yes! All suite hotels usually provide guests with more privacy than a standard hotel room since they are equipped with full kitchens and living areas which allow visitors to do their own cooking or entertaining if desired. Additionally, these types of accommodations can be more cost effective for longer stays since many properties offer weekly or monthly rates.

All suite hotels provide an attractive option for both business travelers seeking extended stay options and vacationers looking for luxurious amenities in larger spaces than normal hotel rooms. These accommodation choices usually feature extra features like full kitchens, separate living spaces and many other benefits that make them appealing to guests seeking comfortable accommodations during their stay away from home.


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