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Al Brooks trading course is a comprehensive program by the author of several books on trading and technical analysis. The course provides detailed information about how to read charts, identify patterns, select entries and exits, manage positions, and more. It also gives users access to Al's Trading Room with daily coaching calls, webinars, and real-time trade setups.

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1. Brooks Trading Course | Learn to Trade Price Action Consistently
Al Brooks MD, Professional Trader · Brooks Trading Course — $599 · Al Brooks, recognized as “The Best Price Action Authority in the World,” is proud to work with ...

2. Brooks Trading Course - YouTube
Brooks Trading Course - YouTubeAl Brooks uses this channel to post videos on Price Action trading.Al's online price action trading course contains 121 videos for the Price Action ...

4. Brooks Price Action - Home
Index of the forum. Forum. Technical Analysis for the Serious Trader Books. Al Brooks Live Trading Room Trading Room. Brooks Price Action Trading Course ...

9. Al Brooks, Brooks Trading Course, and Brooks Price Action
Al Brooks, Brooks Trading Course, and Brooks Price ActionAl Brooks, Brooks Trading Course, and Brooks Price Action, Sacramento, California. 2756 likes · 237 talking about this. Learn how to swing trade and day...

10. Al Brooks (@AlBrooksTrader) / Twitter
Al Brooks (@AlBrooksTrader) / Twitter**Beware of Bitcoin SCAM comments below** See Al Brooks' "Stock Market in 2023" video ... Emini Bears Want Strong Reversal Bar Today | Brooks Trading Course.

What kind of strategies does Al Brooks teach in his course?

Al Brooks’ trading course teaches strategies based on reading price action as well as finding optimal entries and exits. He also covers topics such as position sizing, trend following techniques, managing risk, controlling emotions, and much more.

How often are there coaching calls in Al Brooks’ Trading Room?

Coaching calls are held every weekday at 3 pm U.S Eastern Time which allows users to discuss their trades or ask questions from the instructor directly.

What materials are included in Al Brooks' course?

The course includes video lectures outlining an approach for reading price action with explanation slides for each video for further clarification. Additionally, it includes homework assignments that review concepts discussed during lectures as well as access to the Trading Room with live coaching sessions.

By taking the Al Brooks' trading course users can not only learn valuable lessons from a legendary trader but also hone their own skills in terms of reading price action, selection of entry/exit points and management of positions over time. Overall it is a great resource for anyone interested in becoming a successful trader.


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