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Aires is an astrological sign and part of the Gregorian calendar, typically associated with the months of March and April. It is represented by a ram and associated with the element of fire. Aires is often considered to be a dynamic and independent individual who seeks adventure and strives for success.

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What are the traits associated with Aires?

Individuals born under this sign typically exhibit qualities such as enthusiasm, creativity, optimism, passion, a willingness to take risks, leadership skills and eagerness to explore new ideas. They can also be fiercely independent and have strong determination to reach their goals.

What months correspond to Aires?

Aires corresponds to the months of March and April in the Gregorian calendar.

How is Aires represented symbolically?

Aires is often represented symbolically by a ram due to its association with ambition, energy and leadership qualities. Additionally, it is associated with the element of fire which highlights its passionate nature.

Aires is an important sign that can represent many positive characteristics such as ambition, energy and an eagerness to explore new ideas. By understanding the traits associated with this sign one can strive to embody these qualities in order to live life more fully.


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