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Ails is an old English verb form which was used to describe the physical and emotional distress associated with sickness, pain, or injury. The verb form is still used today but primarily in literature and poetic language. Ails emphasizes the suffering being experienced by an individual and is a way of expressing sympathy for their plight.

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1. Ail | Definition of Ail by Merriam-Webster
Ail | Definition of Ail by Merriam-WebsterAil definition is - to give physical or emotional pain, discomfort, or trouble to. How to use ail in a ... Britannica English: Translation of ail for Arabic Speakers ...

2. Ail Definition & Meaning |
Ail Definition & Meaning | Dictionary.comto be unwell; feel pain; be ill: He's been ailing for some time. OTHER WORDS FOR ail. 1 bother, annoy, distress. See synonyms ...

3. Ails - definition of ails by The Free Dictionary
Ails - definition of ails by The Free DictionaryTo cause physical or mental pain or uneasiness to; trouble. See Synonyms at trouble. [Middle English eilen, from Old English eglian, from egle, troublesome.].

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AIL English Definition and Meaning | Lexico.comEnglish dictionary definition of AIL along with additional meanings, example sentences, and different ways to say.

8. ail - Dictionary Definition :
ail - Dictionary Definition : Vocabulary.comThe verb ail means to be sick or unwell — or cause to be so. If you feel a general malaise, someone may ask what ails you, though you may just need a vacation ...

10. Ails Meaning | Best 2 Definitions of Ails
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What does AILS mean?

Ails is an old English verb form which means to suffer or to experience pain or illness.

How is AILS different from other verbs?

Ails emphasizes the suffering being experienced by an individual and expresses sympathy for their plight, whereas other verbs may simply indicate a physical state without expressing emotion.

When should AILS be used?

Generally, Ails can be used when describing illnesses or injuries that cause pain or discomfort for someone else, such as in a literary work or poem where the speaker wishes to express their empathy towards another person who may be ill.

Are there any synonyms for AILS?

Synonyms for AILS include anguish, misery, hardship, distress, affliction and torment.

In conclusion, while the use of "ails" has declined over time it can still be useful as a way of expressing emotional sympathy towards another person's ailments and suffering. It can evoke compassion through its emphasis on the individual's suffering and is still used today in literature and in poetry.


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