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The word “ahora” means “now” in Spanish. It is a term used to denote the present moment, or the time immediately ahead. Ahora is a useful word for expressing an action or task that needs to be done in the immediate future.

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How is the word "ahora" used?

Ahora is typically used as an adverb to describe something that needs to be done immediately or at some point in the future but not too far away from now.

What other words mean "now" in Spanish?

Other words that mean "now" in Spanish include ahí mismo, en este momento, and exactamente ahorita.

How does the word "ahora" differ from similar terms such as "pronto"?

While both “ahora” and “pronto” are often used when talking about doing something quickly, “pronto” implies more of a sense of urgency than “ahora” does. For example, if someone said “hazlo pronto” it would imply that there is an important deadline coming up soon but if someone said “hazlo ahora” it would imply that they want it done right away.

The word "ahora" provides an important distinction between completing tasks immediately versus completing tasks quickly but with no stated urgency. Knowing how to properly use this and similar terms can help make communication easier when speaking Spanish.


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