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Agradecer is a Spanish verb meaning to thank or express gratitude. It is used to show appreciation for something that has been done, and can often be seen in the phrase "Gracias por" meaning “thank you for…”

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1. Interglot Mobile - Translate "agradecer" from Spanish to English
Wiktionary · to be grateful for something. appreciate; → agradecer; · express gratitude or appreciation to someone. thank; → agradecer; ...

2. Agradecer | Spanish to English Translation - SpanishDict
Agradecer | Spanish to English Translation - SpanishDict1. (to show gratitude). to thank. a. to thank. Solo quería agradecerte todo lo que has hecho por nosotros. · 2. (to feel gratitude). a. to be grateful. Agradecemos que ...

In conclusion, the Spanish verb agradecer carries many nuances and applications beyond its primary definition of expressing gratitude or thanksgiving. It can also carry implications of approval and admiration depending on context and usage within a sentence or phrase structure.


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